FScheduled Appearances

Friday March 3,2006 7:00 PM $5.00

Trent River Coffee Company 208 Craven Street,

Downtown New Bern NC


Thursday March 30, 2006 7:00 PM  $3.00

 R.A.Fountain General Store,

Downtown Fountain NC



The Farm & Home Repertoire includes country and bluegrass standards, gospel, bluegrass-flavored renditions of pop classics and original songs penned by Shorty Mooring.

Based in Grifton, NC, The Farm & Home Band is available for private parties, auctions, pig-pickin's, fund-raisers, dog-kickin's, leaf-burnin's, tick-pullin's, corn-shuckin's, weddings, divorces, whatever.

For Booking info: Bob Gaddis 252-527-3760  468-2029 cell

email   beegee@portbridge.com

Entertaining audiences in eastern NC since 1978, The Farm & Home Band has appeared at numerous trade shows, festivals and on radio and TV. Lead singer and guitarist Shorty Mooring has written over 200 songs, holding 80 copyrights. Shorty's inimitable stylings and onstage antics make him a crowd-pleaser wherever he plays. Shorty's powerful lead guitar style is uniquely blues-y, yet retains the drive of traditional bluegrass.  

Banjo picker Bob Gaddis and mandolin player Jim Gaddis were reared in southwestern Ohio, where their early influences included the Osborne Brothers and Stanley Brothers. HC Croom, Shorty's long-time picking buddy helps keep the Short Man in line with his solid rhythm guitar. John Booker rounds out the group on bass.